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Brandon Kalinowski

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Here is an email that I sent a while ago, and I thought I'd share it on my blog.
I've been thinking about minecraft for the past few days and figured I'd share what I know..

I'm starting to use HD texture packs and found 64 x 64 pixel packs to work well. I've experimented with higher-Res packs but do not notice a big enough visual difference for me to consider it to worth it.
64p has a resolution that is 16x that of the default. The problem with most HD textures is that they look fake in the attempt to look life-like. That is why I made my own. It avoids common problems with 64p packs.
WorldEdit is the best mod. It is more useful than TooManyItems. If you don't use it, install it and the add on lets you see your selection.

For worldEdit tutorials look up shawnvmartin on YouTube

For Single Player Commands Tutorials watch these low-quality videos. Each 30-second video is on a command

TaviRider has some great video resources.

Be sure to download his world of Redstone and his World of Science. Very useful.
Minecraft furniture smart :-)

Minecraft Architecture videos on Youtube

Be sure to check out my new awesome HD (64x64) Texture Pack. I'm so proud. I don't use an HD patcher as Optifine has HD support built in.

My Pack is available on my domain:

Be sure to view it in all its glory with Tyken's Texture Test Map.

Give me some feedback please!

Brandon Kalinowski

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