Should I switch to Premiere?

Brandon Kalinowski

Why I want to switch from Final Cut to Premiere:

I've had mixed feelings about this. On one hand Final Cut is a great program that has been just fine for all the projects I have attempted. On the other hand, Adobe's Creative Suite is integrated an is truely an end-to-end workflow. Lately Apple released Final Cut Pro X which is radically different than the Final Cut Pro 7 that it replaced. FCPX is more like iMovie than Final Cut Pro. When I fist heard about the new release of Final Cut, I was excited for the new features. But when I tried to make a simple video for a class with the trial, I wasn't able to do what I wanted. It slowed me down so much that I had to start over in the program that I had grown comfortable with: Final Cut Pro 7. FCPX was obviously released before it was ready. After I built a more powerful computer, I realized that the old Final Cut was not able to take advantage of all the RAM. In other words, I had built a really powerful computer and Final Cut wasn't ising it. I saw Premiere as an option but couldn't afford to buy it outright.

Also I had grown attached to Final Cut and found editing any other way to be a difficult transition. Things just weren't where they should have been and that slowed my workflow. For this reason, I decided to stick with Final Cut knowing that I would eventually need to switch to Premiere. I had spent enough time learning a NLE and would much rather stick with it so I could actually shoot more.

Edit 2018: In case you are wondering, I did end up switching to Adobe Premiere and it is still my tool of choice.

Brandon Kalinowski

I specialize in integrating technology seamlessly to help others tell compelling stories. For instance, I helped a professor construct a live television studio. I also managed a student news program. These and other experiences spurred a fascination with live streaming. I intern for Legion M as a streaming technical and data analyst. My expertise includes modern web design, video editing, and photography.

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