Clown of God Script

Brandon Kalinowski

Introducing the script of our latest and greatest project: "The Clown of God"


The only video on it is a 1950's stick figure cartoon, so the idea is new and original. This is a wonderful old story about a jester who has great talent in entertaining people but struggles to find his place in the world. He gives his last performance to one spectator: Baby Jesus. This script will be explained in the upcoming keynote previously announced.

Editor Note 2018: Script link was dead and has been removed

Brandon Kalinowski

I specialize in integrating technology seamlessly to help others tell compelling stories. For instance, I helped a professor construct a live television studio. I also managed a student news program. These and other experiences spurred a fascination with live streaming. I intern for Legion M as a streaming technical and data analyst. My expertise includes modern web design, video editing, and photography.

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