Brandon Kalinowski

After building out this personal website, I went on to build something much larger. I've always been passionate about enabling creatives. is a new platform that provides an easy way for creatives to monetize their content and build a stable income. EventsMadeLive is a platform for video platforms if you will. We provide all the tools you need to build out a video website and monetize your live content.

EventsMadeLive is different. It is a product designed for video creators and video library owners to build out their own branded platform. Sell tickets to your live events or charge a subscription fee for access to your training videos. Or sell your own ads your videos. The bottom line is you have more control.

EventsMadeLive aims to be an all-in-one solution for monetizing your video business. We handle the complicated bit so you can focus on growing your business. We host and maintain your video library and website on reliable infrastructure and Content Delivery Network to ensure your customers can have the best viewing experience.

We are passionate about democratizing video broadcasting and enabling you to charge for access to live content in addition to your on demand video library. Whether you are a video Pro or just getting started (we'll show you the ropes), owning your own branded platform is the best way to cultivate your unique audience.

This is a product with a very real need. With other platforms demonetizing creators at a moment's notice, we'd like to help you build a stable income.

If you believe EventsMadeLive can help you achieve, please reach out via the contact form.

The EventsMadeLive release is coming soon. It has been in the works for over a year. Along the way, I've built many ancillary software solutions that have been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times. These pieces together make something great.

You can expect more content on this blog as these products are rolled out.

Brandon Kalinowski

I specialize in integrating technology seamlessly to help others tell compelling stories. For instance, I helped a professor construct a live television studio. I also managed a student news program. These and other experiences spurred a fascination with live streaming. I intern for Legion M as a streaming technical and data analyst. My expertise includes modern web design, video editing, and photography.

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