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Brandon Kalinowski

I am typing a blog post onto my iPod. The difference is that I am typing from a wireless keyboard that is connected to an iMac. In other words, this keyboard is connected to an Apple computer which is sharing that keyboard to this iPod via bluetooth. This keyboard is a solar keyboard but cannot directly connect to mobile devices. It is nice to be able to use one keyboard for many devices. The app is called 1Keyboard and it is available for free. It replaces the need to buy a $70 bluetooth keyboard from Apple when you already have a nice keyboard available.

Just something crazy I thought I would share. For some people this could be very useful if for example you need to send a text without picking up your phone. For me, this is useful because I can bring the keyboard away and type without being in front of a screen. If I need feedback, I can just look at my mobile device.

Brandon Kalinowski

I specialize in integrating technology seamlessly to help others tell compelling stories. For instance, I helped a professor construct a live television studio. I also managed a student news program. These and other experiences spurred a fascination with live streaming. I intern for Legion M as a streaming technical and data analyst. My expertise includes modern web design, video editing, and photography.


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